Your comfort and wellbeing is paramount during your visit. You will be given as much privacy as needed to ensure that you feel comfortable and able to relax.

It is preferred during your massage that the clothing covering the areas of your body that you wish to have massaged be removed (except undies - they are not to be removed), this is not necessary if you are not comfortable however you will receive a better result from your massage if skin to skin contact can be made.

Your modesty is respected at all times. You will be draped with towels during your massage and only the area of your body being worked on at the time is exposed as required.

Unlike many of the massage places people visit, I value your hygiene and use fresh linen for each client. Fresh draping towels, fresh sheets, fresh face hole towels, fresh pillow cases etc.

You say what areas of your body can and cannot be massaged.

You select the level of pressure - this can be adjusted as we go, generally building up from light pressure to your pressure preference. Please do not be afraid to say if the pressure is too weak or too strong.

If you suffer from lower back tension and soreness, in order to provide you with a beneficial massage your gluteal muscles need to massaged (yes, these are the muscles you sit on and are often the culprit of lower back pain). You will always be asked if this is ok before this area is touched - your choice will be respected.

Please note - NEVER under any circumstance will private areas of the body be touched, this is ethical massage only and the ATMS code of conduct will be followed.